PRO-ACT communication techniques are collected and tested thousands of times techniques aimed at improving communication skills and thus the quality of life.

They are based on selection and constant testing in various areas of life. Try to imagine how you feel when you use top-notch skills to influence your surroundings and others.
How do you manage your emotional states with them and thus balance inwardly working on yourself and influencing outwardly (e.g. your business life).

PRO-ACT consists of 3 sets of techniques:

  • PROPER contains techniques aimed at understanding and mastering oneself.
  • In ACTION are collected techniques for influencing others, e.g. in sales, management, public speaking, mass media, etc.
  • TMT – Coaching master techniques include techniques for effective learning and coaching at all levels (practitioner, master, trainer) PRO-ACT.

We apply the techniques mostly in the following areas:

  • COMPANIES AND ORGANIZATIONS (applications in particular in the fields of sales, negotiations, management and staffing and marketing),
  • NON-PROFIT PROJECTS (applications especially in the field of teaching techniques, learning, improving the quality of life and media literacy) and
  • PERSONAL LIVES (applications especially for personal coaching, regression, framing and emotional state management).

PRO-ACT communication means that we use proven techniques to take control of our lives and our impact on the environment. The most important part of Pro-Active Communication is to find peace and influence for more experiences in our lives.

Pro-active communication fosters respect and peace and therefore brings a new perspective on communication and life.

PRO-ACT techniques are divided into 6 areas of self-control (PROPER model) and 6 areas of techniques for influencing others (ACTION model).

So we have everything we need to create an extremely wonderful life.

Our goal is to inspire you for personal development and to recognize and remove your limitations in your development for a better, fuller life..

The purpose of PRO-ACT-ive communication is to improve the quality of life in all areas with proven techniques.