We help – because we can!

The goal of PRO-ACT is to provide cutting-edge techniques to anyone who wants to live a truly remarkable life.

Our mission to spread Pro-active communication techniques is to help and contribute to a better quality of life for thousands of people and organizations. Our coaches have already participated in trainings and workshops at universities, schools, kindergartens, institutions, FURS, civil protection in Slovenia and abroad.

  • Within the framework of non-profit projects, we mainly implement:
  • workshops to improve the quality of life with PRO-ACT techniques,
  • workshops to understand media influence (especially advertising) on an unconscious level,
  • workshops for teachers and trainers and
  • lectures on influencing and managing emotional states.

We offer our knowledge, advice and services to non-profit organizations whose mission is to improve the quality of life of fellow human beings, with the aim of spreading knowledge and connecting.

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