Certified training

Level 1: PRO – ACT practitioner ©

Level 2: PRO – ACT master ©

Level 3: PRO – ACT trainer ©

Level 4: PRO – ACT master trainer ©

Pro-ACT is a system of techniques

… and the associated way of life, so for a full life it is necessary to take all 4 steps:

1) Set goals.

2) Search for treasures (knowledge, techniques and good practices) and save / write them down.

3) Use what is written and improve it.

4) Contribute to others by passing on what you use (treasures) forward.

Stereotypical: Most people don’t even take the first step. Most intellectuals do not take the second step. Most academics don’t do the third, and of those who understand they need the first three steps, very few share their treasures ahead.