Let’s make the interlocutor more suggestible

Creating opportunities for greater suggestibility is very important because it allows us to influence more effectively. When a person is in a trance, he perceives our suggestions uncritically. Performance testing is also very important, as suggestibility testing also means deepening trance.

In order to influence, we urgently need attention, which can be on a conscious and / or unconscious level. If we have the attention of the interlocutor on an unconscious level, we can use more direct suggestions. With conscious attention, the interlocutor critically evaluates our words, so it is necessary to conceal the suggestions, because otherwise he will be aware of what we want to suggest to him.

Attention on a conscious level is especially important at the beginning of communication, while the interlocutor is not yet in a suggestible state.

Opportunity is like opening windows. If someone gives commands, it looks like they are screaming through a closed window. The acceptance of the command depends mainly on its power (on the strength of the scream) and the blockage of the conscious part (sound insulation).

However, when we use the techniques of creating opportunities, the window opens and the interlocutor no longer thinks critically or does not value our suggestions (accepts them unconsciously).


As part of proactive techniques, we have a large number of techniques to create opportunities for better suggestibility. They are divided into 6 areas and cover techniques of social dynamics, pre-framing, advanced language patterns, hypnotic patterns and inductions, and metaphors.