Sproščeno doživetje in trening

We go beyond existing everyday limitations. We provide a relaxed, creative atmosphere, food, drink and entertainment.


Teambuilding events are an opportunity for a group to embark on new experiences away from their environment. Each event is unique and tailored to the participants and includes ACTION and PROPER techniques. Such events usually last up to 3 days as an extended weekend.

We go beyond existing everyday limitations. A group of 7 to 15 people is accompanied by a coach and an assistant.

PRO-ACT trainers also conduct thematic one-day or two-day events by appointment, which are usually aimed at improving individual sets of techniques (eg. sales techniques).

The events significantly improve the connection between the participants and raise the inspiration for good work.

The difference between events and workouts is that events are more relaxed and include PROPER techniques for managing emotions and stress.

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