Techniques offer new possibilities

The winds are always blowing and we can’t change them. However, we can change the layout of the sails. If we have good techniques, we can get anywhere. The time you will save by learning pro-active techniques is amazing and even if you use only a few techniques, your communication and thus your life will improve significantly. 

We train techniques because we believe in their effectiveness and have spent thousands of hours developing, assembling and testing them on many. You can also learn from thousands of books, listen to thousands of tapes and videos of famous and not so famous people, or learn faster. The basic principles in the training of PRO-ACT techniques are:

  • PRO-ACT © is focused on the effectiveness of the techniques (which works best).
  • Activity is a measure of the success of techniques.
  • The human brain works on the principle of differences.
  • Techniques are always ethical as they allow us to gain new dimensions.
  • Techniques and personality enable personal growth.
  • Everything we have learned can be improved.
  • Achieve the desired goal with the least possible suggestion, so monitoring the response is essential.
  • The technique you learn today can be used for a lifetime.

Pro-active techniques allow us to influence ourselves and others in a peaceful and effective way in accordance with the highest ethical standards and moral values. Observing and adapting the choice of techniques is the biggest advantage of the Pro-ACT master, who uses techniques for better quality of life of oneself and others.