Influence others with techniques ACTION

ACTION techniques are collected to influence others, e.g. in sales, management, public speaking, mass media, etc. The techniques are divided into 6 chapters – components of impact. To influence, we need to set goals, a good connection, suggestion techniques, information about the person we are influencing, opportunities for greater suggestibility and the greatest possible exposure to our influence.

Components ACTION are:

Aim – Why – targeting – why we want to influence.

Connection – What –connection – how we connect.

Techniques – How to deliver– techniques of how we influence.

Identity – Who – characteristics of an individual or group – who we influence.

Opportunity – When, where – opportunity – where and when.

Numerous – How many times – how many times.

Opposite components are complementary. There is virtually no impact if we have neither the ability to target with the techniques in the Aim chapter nor the information about the person we want to influence with Identity. Likewise, our influence is limited if we have neither knowledge of Techniques suggestion techniques nor a large number of Numerous suggestions. And last but not least, our impact is very small if we have neither a connection (e.g. friendship) with Connection as well as no increased suggestibility (e.g. trance) with Opportunity.