Directed energy means power

Energy is not directed (neither negatively nor positively), it only is or it is not. When we hear the word negative energy it only refers to the accompanying interpretation of emotions and consequently body language.

In life, we want to create enough energy and direct it in the desired direction. So power is energy that is directed. That is, the energy must be as large as possible and the energy dispersion as small as possible.

People who are everywhere create a lot of energy, but they dissipate it in such a way that they don’t experience what they want. On the other hand, some have focus but do not generate enough energy to have power.

Control and creation of energy – Power is an important building block of the PROPER model as it is a contrast of Peaceful.

Without power there is no serenity, and without serenity there is no real power. The oscillation between the two extremes is essential for a full life. The fields of techniques cover:

  • Body, health.
  • Environmental energy.
  • Security and energy routing.
  • Energy generation techniques.
  • Inspiration for activities.
  • Focus, discipline, determination.