A significant advantage is the emphasis on influencing on an unconscious level (e.g. through social dynamics techniques) where our interlocutor is not critical of our suggestions.

With PRO-ACT techniques, you can easily connect with business partners, associates and the media and peacefully achieve what you want for the benefit of both “parties”.

Efficiency in the business world

PRO-ACT techniques have been tested thousands of times in small, medium, and large organizations in Slovenia and abroad. 

We give emphasis in training:

  • Goal setting in communication,
  • Establishing a good connection with the interlocutor or. group (e.g. PRO-ACT handshake, greeting, use of contact words),
  • Giving suggestions through non-verbal communication (e.g. nodding) and content-related techniques (e.g. using negatives),
  • Obtaining and using information about the interlocutor or group (values, beliefs, behavior),
  • Creating greater suggestibility (e.g. pre-framing and advanced patterns for increased trance),
  • Ways of repeating suggestions, framing objections, and concluding.

Pro-active communication is the active participation in communication, so before the training, it is important for the trainer to get to know the desired area that the organization wants to improve. Pro-Act trainers then deliver practice-oriented training sessions that are pre-arranged according to the set objectives. For example, for sales training, we train sales techniques that are directly and immediately put into practice by the participants in a sales conversation

At higher levels of management, we usually include elements of the PROPER model in the training, which enables the leading management to manage their own lives as well. In this way, their impact on employees is positive and effective on a constant and long-term basis.

It is increasingly recognized that a balance between business and personal life can make a leader successful in the long term.

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