More suggestions at the right time

However, as the number of suggestions increases, there is always the risk of them going to a conscious level where the interlocutor will start rejecting them. By doing so, the ignorant can even achieve a negative effect and become intrusive. Masters, on the other hand, have techniques on how to plan a very large number of suggestions at the right time on an unconscious level.

Numerous basically means that the more suggestions we make, the more effect they have. However, we also have in this chapter many techniques divided into 6 areas by which we achieve that:

  • we use the right techniques at the right time,
  • we manage time and energy and
  • check the result of the influence.

Time management is of great importance in numerous as we have limited resources. By controlling time and energy, we enable ourselves to allocate time to activities where we have a great impact and reduce the use of time on unimportant tasks.

Scheduling suggestions and selecting them is so very important because it can allow us to give more suggestions than we would otherwise, that the suggestions are more concentrated and the time it takes to influence another is longer.