Use techniques for life

You want a beautiful and full life for yourself and your loved ones, then you want to use techniques and at the same time have a developed personality. It is not only important where and how you live physically, but also where you live within yourself. We live in two worlds: inner and outer. We cannot completely control the external, but we must control the internal.

Take time for yourself

Unfortunately, most are overwhelmed and overwhelmed with the outside world and their affirmation in it to check on what is going on inside of them. Many times they despair and simply see themselves as their helplessness. Without a suitable personality, techniques also do not come to the fore, as we want to know where we are going and why not just how to add power to our impact engines. One can thus get a feeling of frustration by spinning in a circle and therefore starting to get bored.


Just as we want to control the outside world as much as possible with ACTION techniques, we also want to master the inner world with PROPER techniques. To facilitate the classification of techniques, we use the ACTION model to influence the outside world and the PROPER model to explore our inner world. Because in the modern world we are in both worlds, knowing the techniques of both worlds is extremely important for a good quality of life.

You may have an exceptional heart personality, but with a little ACTION techniques you can get a feeling of helplessness. It’s like bumping into a wall, even though you have noble goals to achieve something in life. Outwardly, such a person looks kind-hearted but ineffective, so he may lose motivation and inspiration.

For an influential life, it is therefore necessary to work on both techniques and personalities. The right combination of both often requires such good mentors or. a coach as well as a student who is willing to learn something new (his / her glass is not completely full).

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