PRO-ACT communication techniques are collected and tested thousands of times techniques aimed at improving communication skills and thus quality of life.

They are based on selection and constant testing in different areas of life. Try to imagine how you feel when you use your top skills to influence yourself and others.

How you use them to manage your emotional states, balancing working on yourself internally and influencing externally (e.g. your business life).

Pro-ACT techniques are taught to:

Companies and organizations

Non-profit projects


PRO-ACT consists of 3 sets of techniques:

  • PRO-ACT consists of 3 sets of techniques:
  • PROPER contains techniques aimed at understanding and mastering the self.
  • ACTION brings together techniques for influencing others, e.g. in sales, management, public speaking, mass media, etc.
  • TMT – Coaching master techniques include techniques for effective learning and coaching at all levels (practitioner, master, trainer) PRO-ACT.

Tehnike apliciramo največ v področjih:

  • COMPANIES AND ORGANIZATIONS (especially in the field of sales, negotiations, management, staffing and marketing),
  • NON-PROFIT PROJECTS (in the field of teaching techniques, learning, improving the quality of life and media literacy) and
  • PERSONAL LIVES (mostly for personal coaching, regression, framing and emotional state management).

Often these areas overlap (e.g. a manager needs both leadership techniques as well as techniques to manage his emotional states), so each area of PRO-ACT techniques brings an additional contribution to your abilities.

When you master PRO-ACT techniques in the business world, you will unconsciously use them in communication with your loved ones and others, thus gaining greater influence in all areas of your life.